Saturday, January 1, 2011

Build a Bear with the neices.

We had an absolute blast with the girls at Build a bear. Brooke has this ragtag teddy that should be sprayed for bugs, she needed a new one so bad!. We made a fun date out of it and went to see what the shop is all about, we even saw Santa! Maddi walked right up to the jolley man and was all about seeing what the big deal was about. Since the Cinderella Princess dress is always had to be worn we took her to the mall and saw Santa and made a bear while all dressed up. Brookes face lit up and she pointed to the same Cinderella dress that she was wearing we knew that the bear would be perfect in the same dress. They had the opportunity to put a small heart in the body before it was sown up, they fluffed the fur and had it dressed. We had a great time and afterward we hit McDonald's up for a yummy treat to spoil dinner of coarse.

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