Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dont tell Brad I wrote this down!

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell the tire story. So Utah is full of potholes the highway is just pulverized with the snow scrappers and the salt. Poor Zooms drove for 11 hours hitting what seemed like 100 holes. Each time I would cringe and hope that we didn't have a blow out while driving up to Provo. We made it safely to Provo with all of our crap loaded to the top of the car for Christmas!. Brad was talking really confident a couple days after we arrived about how he was driving so great and is the MAN in snow country. NOT kidding 5 minutes later while was are loaded and ready to get on the ski bus he hits a curb that was hidden in the snow and BLOWS the front tire. We were so lucky to have time to get it changed and that the BIG O was 500 yards away from where we hit! 100 bucks later we were fixed with a new tire and Brad was humbled. Every time he would start to talk big I would ask him where the next curb was that he could ram the front end into. Haha

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