Thursday, January 6, 2011

Skiiing-2 feet of powder, 3 avalanches and a partraige in a pear tree.

We had a great Christmas vacation up in Utah this year. We had fun things to do everyday. We went SNOW SKIIING. It has been more than a decade since I went skiing, Brad who had never gone was excited and pumped to do something that was new and different. Not going to lie, I laughed the hardest as he was learning how to use the bunny hill pull line. He ate it at least 3 times and was so ANGRY! As he became more confident with how Snow and skis work he loved it. Right as he was going to be thrown on the big mountain they shut it down because of all the avalanches. No worries, I was just skiing down when the mountain came tumbling down. I was really surprised how much fun I had and how fast I was able to pick it up agin.
One of the best was a day that we spent up at Park City. We listened to a 2nd time share shpill and were able to receive a 100 bucks for skiing and a gift card to a really nice resort restaurant. We went for our 3 year anniversary, Brad ordered the amazing Venison steak and me the HUGE stuffed sea scallops. Our waiter was so kind to snap some fun pix and wait on us hand and foot. I married the most wonderful man that treats me like a million bucks every single day. We complement each other with our strengths and I look forward to being with Brad for all eternity. He works so hard and makes me laugh every day. If the first 3 years have flown by I can't imagine how fast it will go for the next 3....

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