Thursday, December 2, 2010

The insanity has ebbed.

I do not want to brag, or appear negative with this post. Im just stating the facts of the last month for my records. Ultra Source the salon I have been at for the last two years became so unbearable I just couldn't afford to work there any longer. Literally. With the gas and time I spent sitting their, just wasn't going to work. Plus I have a problem with working with special needs adults that ruin peoples lives and there hair! I was sitting in my chair and not one person was doing hair the SATURDAY before Thxgiving. I realized that we were not busy then that it just wasn't going to happen. I packed up my stuff and left without even saying that I quit. It was a bit rude or irresponsible but I really have a whole new drama of why I just left. So sweet! Im free to be home with Brad and I can make dinner and be a cute wife, After all I still have my nanny job and home salon right? um. no. A week later my nanny family regretfully had to suspend my employment for a couple months, maybe longer because they can't afford any extras any longer. They have closing costs from a previous home and I more than understand.I really loved being a nanny, and I will miss the great girls. So now I have the salon and it does help a bit but it would be so nice to come upon a child and get to feel okay with staying at home and being lame. Sheesh, if anything I just want to stay home! And I can't justify doing that when I can work. Now I am off to look for a job, or register for a math class for winter or do something with my life. As for the insanity of having 3 jobs, a HUGE calling, exercising, adoption progress, and lunch date with friends. All has slowed down completely. I was released from primary, and now a month later find myself more than free for anything. And that is all folks.

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  1. Hey girl sorry its been so long. I;ll be in town the 19th and I would love to see you and your family. Can we get together and hang out a bit? I could go to your place or you could come over to Bens parents. Let me know if it could work.