Thursday, December 2, 2010

Turkey day cont.

My Aunt Colleen is so willing to always host Thanksgiving at her compound. I do remember hosting it and it is a pain and usually my parents would stress and be grumpy after. So I am okay with going to her home. We used to have a mini rodeo with roping and relays on the horses but with our huge numbers don't allow for that now. The last time I rode a horse was ten or more years ago. My mother was with me and said my rear was as big as the horses, and I had not riding since. I tell you this mostly because I became busy and was no longer able to find time but the rear comment did make an impact. I would like to say that my rear is still as big if not bigger now. I did get back on and had a great time walking around with my cousin and her spouse. I just love horses. They are magnificent animals. We call Brooke the horse face because well she is in love with her palominos.

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