Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hollywood, CA

Brad and I went for a 10 day trip to California. Brad's cousin Katie was married in the Newport Beach temple and had a great reception after wards. The whole family was able to make it, well except the husbands. We met up had dinner and had a great time staying with Aunt Connie. She is a hoot and a real Calli woman. She was more than gracious and our trip was a blast because of her. We had meals on the veranda, soaked in her hot tub and went to yummy Mexican restaurants. She is a cursing, hard core Obama hating Republican, and we wouldn't have it any other way! The reception was a celebration of the couple, and it could have been alot better but they are happy and we were grateful to be invited. The highlight of the whole trip was hitting Hollywood for the day. We hit the Chinese theater, toured the wax museum Madam Tureems, went on a van tour of all the Hollywood homes and hit Rodeo drive. It was a bit crazy because we of course hit Holly on Micheal Jackson's death anniversary. IT was insane with new crews and shrines put up. I learned a lot and was so excited to be able to hit such a popular place.

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