Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day!

We had such a great time with the Reynolds this year! We had some time to catch up and even got to blow grandma's up with fireworks too! Interesting adoption update if you want to check the story on our other blog! see Really Brad has some great friends and I am not completely against the idea of moving up to Utah again, if it wasn't for the snow and stupid members up in P-Town. The Reynold family are a bunch of graduated BYU football players, some of which have gone pro ball. Imagine these HUGE guys launching works into the air! So funny. One work hit the nearby field and ignited it on fire which was stomped out. I could think of worse things then fireman showing up! Brad burnt his had when attempting a throw that he dropped right in front of the Grandmas and me. The boys took off running and left us to be singed when it exploded at our feet! It is so surprising to me how big the holiday is up in Utah. Parades everywhere, rodeo's sold out, and firworks all over the valley.
With Winger's wings, some time to see the family, and painting all day the trip flew by! We had a great time! Thanks Olsen's!

Michelle's home has decided to explode with water and grow mold everywhere. Dang washer machine. She hasn't been able to live in her home for weeks now. No bathroom or kitchen. Really it was time for an update and we are so excited for a new start and a clean floor with no poisonous mold! We spent the weekend picking out carpet samples, tiles, and paint swatches. Saturday was spent painting the rooms that will be replaced with the new carpet as well as new black furniture. Really, it will be so nice when all the drama and lame insurance companies are finished!

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