Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girls camp. I love you.

I had an absolute blast this year for our stake girls camp. Really the cooking team I was with was a group of amazing busy women. The statement ' If you want something to be done, give it to a busy person" applies to every single lady in the group. We had NO MEN to help us up at camp. We 6 women unloaded at least 100 icechests weighing hundreds of pounds. We cooked a week strait for 350 people and we did it on min. sleep. The weather was perfect and food was always yummy and on time. The girls loved it and everyone was happy and healthy while doing the camp thing! I learned alot and I appreciate being asked to go so last minute. They saw my mad skills? Nah they just wanted to use the cook trailer. 350 is a lot of people. IT means, cutting 6 icechests full of lettuce for 10+ hours strait. Cooking ground beef for 9 hours strait and never getting a minute to relax. Last year the food menu was set for "healthy" they did a vegan diet and most girls were sick the whole camp. Most were glad to get meat and carbs this year. I will not do the cooking again unless I have some muscle to help us out! I think the men are short staffed because everyone is loosing their homes and men have to work to survive!. I can't wait to get the granola recipe. It is the best. ever.

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