Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vegas 2010- Bowles

Our story begins with getting trapped into signing up for a free trip to Vegas with those time share dealio's. We went and had a great time... be proud of me for being able to say NO with the huge pressure they put on us! We took off Thursday late and played all day Friday and Saturday. The Bowles went with us and we did an introduction to Vegas for them. They haven't been to Vegas in years. Brad turned 30 this weekend so we went for his party to celebrate the big 30! We, who were not preggo's rode the roller coaster, we walked the strip, hit an amazing 5 star buffet at Caesars palace, did some people watching, walked some more, hit the pool, walked some more. The favorite for Ray was watching the Bellagio fountains go off, with 4 shows under our belt we got our water show fills. Saturday we hit the temple for a session. Im going to be honest. It was a nightmare of a session. Ray barfed all over herself, we didn't get to sit together in the sealing, I met up with a former awkward H.S.who was still awkward, My dress didn't fit me. We got yelled at twice, and last my finger was cut and bleeding everywhere. We should have just gambled instead. The resort that we stayed at is called Blue Green. It was a fantastic 2 room suite with a great view of the airport runway. We watched Brad eat the 50 peice chx nugget meal from Mc'd's and had a bunch of laughs! Thanks for the great trip away. Brad was so spoiled, he got a yard toy, a bunch of cash, and some gift cards. The next day he was struck by the flu and then a cold hit him the weekend after that. Poor guy doesn't really like being 30!

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