Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Farm day with the babes

Brookes and maddi are sure little cow girls. They are so lucky to get to feed the horses and sit on them whenever they want!. Miss Avery was able to come and play with us for the morning. She loves horses but they were a little to real for her to want to sit on them. Miss Avery and I got to feed the horses carrots, we went to the mall and saw the puppies, rode the carousel, ate lunch and then went and saw Toy Story 3. Sometimes it is really hard to see so many mommy's that get to go and play all the time with their kids. People assume that Avery is mine but the truth is I have no idea how things work when it comes to moms and the mall. The mall every week sponsors a kids club for babies we showed up this week at the end of it. Hundreds of kids are dressed in their Halloween costumes and it looked like they were having a blast. I really felt left out, and even more felt sad that I was in a way renting a child for the day. I am blessed to have such fun girls to watch and hang with, but I could only imagine how fun it would be with my own.

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