Friday, August 27, 2010

The no good very bad day! turns to better, best and survivable day!

Sheesh, really bad day and yet it was alright in the end. Found out AGAIN that my second insemination didn't take. Not a huge surprise but still a big bummer. We have decided to take a break for a few months. I just can't do it! Someone will die... hopefully it will be the new girl at work that serious is a disaster and a half! Really. not kidding.
I came home to cute pix all over the home about me from husband. He is the ultimate romantic. He was so excited to show me around the house. He even googled Iron chef America symbols to make my kitchen note more official. So fun. He finished the night off with a deep tissue massage. Really he is the best.
The night at the salon was thankfully busy. Weird clients actually. A anorexic model that dropped out of school. She has open pores on her nose with tiny dark hairs all over. really they better air brush most of her!! A Harley hatter, kawisaski bike rider that really doesn't like Mormons in Utah. and my favorite last one! A Strait male with carrot top colored hair that wanted a stacked extreme A-line haircut. He loved it and I got a 20 buck tip! not bad. Why would a guy want a serious womans haircut? Dont forget the woman mullet client. She has hair to her elbows and wanted a 3 inch length on top. with the base line length still in tact. 4 salons turned her down until I got a hold of her. Wow. got to love the beauty business!

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  1. can you tell brad to give my hubs some romantic pointers! he's such a sweetie! you better treat him even better! :) we'll keep crossing our fingers with the baby business, so sorry! that's super tough i'm sure!