Monday, August 2, 2010

Beagle obsession

Can I tell ya Birth is the most fascinating, amazing experience. We were thinking last night how humans don't have it nearly as easy. 2 months, vs 9 months. Kids being completely dependent for a long time. Delivery pains and process for humans is a bit complex as well! Still, Brad and I were here when Sunny went into labor. We learned a lot and I still marvel on how her instincts just kicked in when the puppies came pushing through in their own little sacks. She spent 4+ hours licking and cleaning all 8 of her pups. They were a lot bigger then I thought they would be. The eyes will open eventually, and right now she spends all day feeding all 8 of them 24/7. I can't wait till they start escaping the box and cruising around the house making HUGE messes! Yikes. Brad was amazing at delivering the pups and it was easier then I had heard it would be. Just as we were going to up to bed an hour after she delivered #7 we hear the noise of pushing only to come back down and see that she had just had her #8. So now we have 11 beagles to be exact. All of them perfect and beautiful. Wish me luck through the baby stage!!

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