Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is finished!

I have the best husband that has worked so hard to make my dream of so many years a reality. I have a sink that has a reclining chair, that goes with the cutest little salon in the world. I have clients that have started coming and really we are so blessed. My Mesa hair job is lame as ever. I finally found a loop hole and now just have my clients call me into the salon when they want me to come in. I don't have to sit for 8 hours and walk out with one or two clients on my books. We shall see how long it lasts until something makes what I do wrong. I am hanging on for my winter clients who are on their way down. It's been a really long summer. On a huge positive note I love my nanny job, it makes life just a bit more busy and the extra money is great as well. We are blessed.

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