Sunday, September 26, 2010

And then there were none.

Puppies are a nightmare. Serious, we have put our lives completely on hold for the last 8 weeks. We couldn't leave the house, we couldn't keep it clean and there were more nights then not that we (mostly Brad) would be up in the early hours of the morning rescuing and relieving the huge little of pups that were stuck in a small kennel. They are the cutest puppies, but two loads of really really dirty laundry was a must and dont forget the oh so yummy puppy mash that had to be prepared so the babes could be winged off mom. We sold all 8 puppies in just over a week, talk about a huge demand. We even had 4 more people call after they were sold. We had two families bring two different puppies back. The poor families had no idea what a puppy was and what was expected from them. For the most part all puppies went to wonderful homes where they will be taken care of and spoiled. It was had toward the ends seeing the cute pups slowly becoming less. Sunny was more then ready to have all of them gone. She has been a trooper the last 4 months. It was seriously an amazing miracle to be a part of the birth, I bet it is even better with humans having a baby! The positives, we always had a beautiful snuggle buddy to fall asleep on us when we would cuddle at nights, we made 2,000.00 dollars from the litter, and I finally got my much needed carpets and tiles cleaned. Really, not kidding, it was the highlight of my year. The carpets look new and the tile is so clean and really the house looks like a million bucks. I guess its the small things! We now know what to expect with puppy breeding and although it is a really horrible process, the money is really great and it is a project that gets me close to babies even if it is puppies. So we will probably do this again.
Oh! and I also finished painting a 4th bedroom in the house. I don't know why I went with orange. I wanted a warm color that matched my warm color pallet for the house. I am a nerd. Furniture is in and it is a completed bedroom that isn't full of boxes. I have one more room to go. Maybe a green room?


  1. The orange is really cute, good choice!

  2. Pathetic that i am seeing your room redo first on your blog...can't wait to see it in person. maybe I'll come over tomorrow??? brad leaves tomorrow early am for NEBRASKA! I just hope we can get accepted somewhere in the contiguous united states! I'm glad you are gonna do the puppy thing again. It actually flew by for the rest of us...