Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 27th birthday

Really this birthday was really lame. I hate birthdays and really its just how I feel. 27 is just so much older then 26 and in my life's plan of action I am suppose to be alot further with goals then where I am now. Like.. a degree from the 6 years of classes I have taken. Or thinner then what I am. or have a family started, not at the start of the adoption process. We have a trip planned in June to Vegas with the Bowles which will be fun. In the mean time we continue to progress together. I have started going back to the gym, which is miserable. The house is so great and really we are blessed. Brad took me shotgun shooting at a mountain area by the house. Really it was funny, I can't launch the clay's so Brad would launch and then shoot in the some throw. He really did it great! Way to multitask babes!

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