Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not cool.

So I have always had a problem with my weight. Ten years ago I opted to get a weight loss surgery done in the hopes that it would help curve my love for eating lots of food.The past ten years have been rough. I have become used to excusing myself to go throw up constantly during meal times. I have had pain for weeks on end and frankly, I wish I had more self control. Four years after I had surgery, shortly before my mission I was in a boating accident that broke my rib and hemorrhaged my stomach. The lap band moved and for months and months I puked blood in the mission. After chunks of my hair fell out and constantly passing out in NE I finally decided it was best if I went home for an emergency surgery. My doctor was amazed that I was still alive after seeing what the broken Lap band did to me. I recovered a couple weeks and then went back out to serve. This past week mt lap band snapped in half. Thursday I picked Brayden up and heard something pop. I thought it was my back but then the horrible lower quadrants pain kicked it. It felt like horrible gas and nothing would relieve it. I finally ended up in the ER for 5 hours where I got poked and prodded and then sent home with no final conclusion of what was wrong. I had a CT scan done and the PA on duty didn't know how to read it. finally 3 days after that and still in pain I got in to see my DOC. who right right knew that my band had snapped. He scheduled me for surgery the next day. I show up and have to be admitted through the hospital ER in order for my insurance to pick up the tab. I get prepped for surgery and then my doctor Juarez NO SHOWS me. Angry and still in pain, I leave the hospital to spend Halloween with my kids. It was a great decision. B was so cute handing out candy to the treaters. Finally after causing a scene in the ER, Juarez commits to an actual time the next morning for surgery. Dad and I still didn't think he would actually show up. We then had to re inroll through the ER. The 3rd one in 4 days! Can't wait for those bills. While getting vitals done again. The vigilante RN wouldn't have anything to do with me and our "non ethical" ways of getting surgery. He was worried about his job and blah blah blah. After telling him a dozen times that we were ONLy doing what the docs told us to do he still made me late for surgery. 5 minutes before my scheduled surgery the shifts changed and I was rushed upstairs last minute. It was a mad rush to get me dressed and IV'd . Quite a disaster again. It has been a horrible week. I am all but relieved to have the Lap band out of me. I have spent the last few days at my parents home. Brad is gone and I have needed help with my kids. I am grateful that I am healthy and recovering. The kids have been great and we are really blessed. Now! onto the holidays!

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  1. Jess this is aweful! I'm so sorry you had to go through this yuck!